Jennifer Christa Palmer
m e m b e r   A E A   ( S A G - A F T R A   e l i g i b l e )
photo by Scott Dentinger
"As  Tybalt, Jennifer Christa Palmer is lethal..."
- Tampa Bay Times review of  "Romeo + Juliet"
"Jennifer Christa Palmer dazzles as the 
imperious Amanda Prynne..."
- Orlando Weekly review of  "Private Lives"
as Amanda Prynne in "Private Lives" at Mad Cow Theatre
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"Watching Palmer's Catherine turn into
 a force to be reckoned with 
is this production's  greatest joy..."
- Elizabeth Maupin on Theatre review of "The Heiress"
C u r r e n t   P r o j e c t
Theatre Tampa Bay Award Winner
for her work in "Romeo + Juliet" at freeFall Theatre Company
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PHOTOGRAPH 51 opens FRIDAY 20 FEBRUARY at MAD COW THEATRE - order tickets online
Starring Jennifer Christa Palmer as Dr. Rosalind Franklin
PHOTOGRAPH 51 by Anna Zeigler at Mad Cow Theatre in Orlando, FL. Runs 20 February - 15 March 2015.  Performances are Thursday-Saturday evenings at 8pm with Sunday matinees at 3pm. Special Wednesday performance 8pm on 4 March. Presented in the intimate black box space at Mad Cow Theatre, seating is limited.  This full production is part of the 2nd annual Science Play Festival at Mad Cow Theatre. For tickets and information, please visit

MAD COW THEATRE announces Casting for PHOTOGRAPH 51 - posted 6 February 2015
Opening February 20, 2015 in The Zehngebot-Stonerock Theatre, Anna Ziegler's PHOTOGRAPH 51 recounts the often overlooked history of one of the most groundbreaking scientists of the 20th century. A tenacious chemist in 1950s London, Rosalind Franklin captures the first images of the double helix structure of DNA. While her colleagues jockey to push her out of the frame, Rosalind continues to work tirelessly, regardless of her invisible status within the male-dominated labs. Ziegler's tale of isolation and perseverance creates a powerful ode to the woman who gave her life to science. Winner of the 2008 STAGE Award, Photograph 51 was featured in Mad Cow Theatre's inaugural Science Play Festival last season. Read cast announcement HERE (via
"Jennifer Christa Palmer's Rosalind is a
 refreshingly imperfect hero... She's prickly, defensive... even her laboratory solutions are  powerless to her iron will..."
- Orlando Sentinel review of  "Photograph 51" 
ORLANDO SENTINEL reviews PHOTOGRAPH 51 at MAD COW THEATRE - posted 21 February 2015
Opening weekend coverage included the Orlando Sentinel review which begins - "The most amazing thing about Anna Ziegler's 'Photograph 51' is how quickly — and how much — it makes you care about the characters onstage... this real-life tale enthralls... Jennifer Christa Palmer's Rosalind is a refreshingly imperfect hero. She's prickly, defensive and she has every right to be... even her laboratory solutions are powerless to defy her iron will."  Read the full review by Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel reviews PHOTOGRAPH 51 at MAD COW THEATRE - posted 26 February 2015
Opening weekend coverage included BroadwayWorld Orlando's review - "Franklin fights for her rights as a woman and a scientist. That being typed, Franklin is not without flaw. She is curt and arrogant, but Palmer gives her such life and vitality that, despite her obvious faults, you root for her; despite the fact that she is (likely) far more intelligent than you could ever imagine being, you feel a connection to her. These are no easy tasks, and it takes a special performer, like Palmer, to pull them off successfully."   Read the full review by Matt Tamanini

at American Stage Theatre Company in St. Petersburg, FL
10 July - 2 August 2015, previews 7/8 & 7/9
Written by Lewis Black. Directed by Gavin Hawk.

It's Courtney's wedding day, and her mom, Delia, is making sure that everything is perfect. The groom is perfect, the dress is perfect, and the decorations (assuming they arrive) will be perfect. Then, like in any good farce the doorbell rings. And all hell breaks loose. So much for perfect. 

Cast includes Jennifer Christa Palmer* as Courtney, Brian Shea* as Harper, Jordan Foote as Ryan, Brian Webb Russell* as Doc, Karel K. Wright* as Delia, Jonelle Marie Meyer as Melanie, and Regan Moore as P.B.

For tickets and more info, please visit
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