Jennifer Christa Palmer
m e m b e r   A E A   ( S A G - A F T R A   e l i g i b l e )
photo by Scott Dentinger
"As  Tybalt, Jennifer Christa Palmer is lethal..."
- Tampa Bay Times review of  "Romeo + Juliet"
"Jennifer Christa Palmer dazzles as the 
imperious Amanda Prynne..."
- Orlando Weekly review of  "Private Lives"
as Amanda Prynne in "Private Lives" at Mad Cow Theatre
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"Watching Palmer's Catherine turn into
 a force to be reckoned with 
is this production's  greatest joy..."
- Elizabeth Maupin on Theatre review of "The Heiress"
Theatre Tampa Bay Award Winner
for her work in "Romeo + Juliet" at freeFall Theatre Company
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"Jennifer Christa Palmer's Rosalind is a
 refreshingly imperfect hero... She's prickly, defensive... even her laboratory solutions are  powerless to her iron will..."
- Orlando Sentinel review of  "Photograph 51" 
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"a  resident badass...   
Palmer yielded weapons
in such a way that I would feel completely at ease
 having her protect me from zombies..."
- BWW review of "The Importance of Being Earnest with Zombies"
R e c e n t   P r o j e c t s
T h e   T i n   W o m a n
by Sean Grennan, directed by David Arisco
Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre, 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134
18 May - 12 June 2016

From the author of Making God Laugh, which AP audiences fell in love with two seasons ago, comes Sean Grennan’s newest comedy, this one with inspirational dramatic resonance. The Tin Woman is a rich, funny and moving theatrical experience involving a postoperative heart transplant recipient struggling with her own survival guilt, who decides to meet the family of the late donor, their son. The grief of the late donor’s family coupled with the recipient’s own questions, fears and doubts evolve into a very real, very funny and touching new play, that leaves the audience with an unexpected and moving resolution.
Jennifer Christa Palmer stars as Joy.

"Palmer embraces (her) darkness by deftly spinning Grennan’s gallows humor, martini-dry rejoinders and self-deprecating jokes..." - Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage

"Grennan infuses his play with a cynical humor, especially in the personality of his lead character – Jennifer Christa Palmer is spot on..." - Michelle F. Solomon, Miami ArtZine

T h i s   I s   W h y   I ' m   S i n g l e  ( w e b s e r i e s )
e p i s o d e   6   -   T h e   C o m e o v e r   G i r l
K T C   P r o d u c t i o n s

Published on YouTube - 28 June 2016
Synopsis: Mitch thinks he has hit the jackpot with a girl who likes him more than he likes her, but he quickly learns he may just have to "shut up and deal." 

Starring Tim Scholes as Mitch, John Connon as Jeff and Rachael Thompson as Tasha. Jennifer Christa Palmer guest stars as Creepy Lindsay.

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