Jennifer Christa Palmer
m e m b e r   A E A   ( S A G - A F T R A   e l i g i b l e )
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JCP co-stars as Officer Emily Benedento in episode 106, "The People in the Rain", directed by Jack Bender
original airdate: 13 September 2017, available on demand Audience Network with DirecTV Now
​Grateful thanks to CD Matt Sefick

JCP co-stars as Dr. Elle Herndon in episode 201, directed by Michael Allowitz
original airdate: 23 January 2018 on BET
​Grateful thanks to CD George Pierre

JCP guest stars as Agnes in episode 109, "Uncle Bubba", directed by Mario Van Peebles
original airdate: 28 December 2017, available on demand and at
​Grateful thanks to CD George Pierre

JCP is series recurring as Officer #1 in episodes 606 & 607 - written and directed by Tyler Perry
airdate: TBA
​Grateful thanks to CD Rhavynn Drummer

JCP stars as Anna McNeill Whistler
Written and Directed by Robbie Robertson
Costume Design by Alexis Doktor
SC Indie Grants work-in-progress screenings scheduled:
11/3 at Reedy Reels Film Festival in Greenville, SC
12/6 at the Terrace Theatre in Charleston, SC
release date: TBD (click here for updates)
​Grateful thanks to CD Matt Sefick

"As  Tybalt, Jennifer Christa Palmer is lethal..."
- Tampa Bay Times review of  "Romeo + Juliet"
"Jennifer Christa Palmer dazzles as the 
imperious Amanda Prynne..."                
- Orlando Weekly review of  "Private Lives"
"Watching Palmer's Catherine turn into
 a force to be reckoned with             
is this production's  greatest joy..."

- Elizabeth Maupin on Theatre review of "The Heiress"
"Jennifer Christa Palmer's Rosalind is a
 refreshingly imperfect hero...                  
She's prickly, defensive... even her laboratory solutions are  powerless to her iron will..."
- Orlando Sentinel review of  "Photograph 51" 
JCP co-stars as Ruby's Neighbor in episode 110, written and directed by Mara Brock Akil
original airdate: 21 August 2018 on OWN
​Grateful thanks to Feldstein Paris Casting

"a  resident badass...   
Palmer yielded weapons
in such a way that I would feel completely at ease 
 having her protect me from zombies..."

- BWW review of "The Importance of Being Earnest with Zombies"
photo by Hughes-Fioretti
JCP co-stars as Detective Tammy Lynk in episode 104 - "The Real Tim Wicks"
original airdate: 4 October 2018 at 10pm on Discovery ID
​Grateful thanks to CD Jessica Fox Thigpen

JCP stars as the Russian villain, Viktoriya
directed by Justin Connors
YouTube Release: 4 June 2018